12 Nights: Consciously experience the most mysterious nights "between the years”

Between Christmas and January 6, there is a time that is incredibly mythical. The time "between the years" is full of customs, rites and tales. This time is called “Rauhnächte” in German.
The "Rauhnächte" are 12 NIGHTS which are an intense, mystical time that people have used for many centuries to look inward, to look back and to look forward.

As another exciting year draws to a close, I am once again happy to share these special last days and nights of this year with you.
You can participate in whatever sessions you want and you can listen to the daily impulses & meditations at your own convenience. All information and meditations will be sent out by email.


On Dec. 21, I would give a short introduction via Zoom in preparation (can also be provided as an audio recording).
From the December 24 to January 6, I will send daily a small impulse to the respective "Rauhnacht"/Night as well as a corresponding meditation by email so you can listen to it at your convenient time.
Optional: On December 30 there will be a year-end meditation as well as an online innerdance via Zoom to say goodbye to 2022 - "Magical Shift" (reduced fee of 15 Euro for participants of the 12 NIGHTS)
On January 6, there will be a final round via Zoom with a final ritual and for the exchange of experiences.
In addition, I send in advance a booklet with further information and explanations including a few pages to print out to note your dreams, experiences and insights of this time and to give you space to review the departing year 2022

Cost: a smile to unknown people on the street (or if you want to give a donation from the heart, thats ok too ????:
Paypal Link)

Registration is open till December 22.

I look forward to a magical time with you! ❤️